Team Canyonhaus | A List of Local Food Favorites

Team Canyonhaus | A List of Local Food Favorites

1As we venture into and welcome all the possibilities this new year will bring, we want to continue to be mindful of all the hard workers in the food service and hospitality industries that continue to roll up their sleeves and with a brave face, provide nourishment and service to their communities.
Because it’s their passion or their livelihood or their means to provide for their family.
We here at Canyonhaus need to acknowledge these efforts and give credit where credit is legitimately due - and pay, even in the humblest of ways, an acknowledgment of support to our favorite restaurants that we continue to support.
Behold a list of our favorite restaurants in and around Los Angeles, and one a little farther afield, that we hope will inspire you to try something new and get your souls soothed with some great food.
Read on for our list of some of our new and old-school favorite restaurants.

Tori’s Picks © Photo by Daichan, Studio City
Ronan, West Hollywood @RONAN_LA
Ronan is a seasonal share plates restaurant featuring local produce, responsibly raised proteins, and Neapolitan pizza. Ronan has a full bar of craft cocktails as well as a curated, rotating selection of natural and biodynamic wines. Go for the PARM.
Sushi Fumi, West Hollywood @SUSHIFUMI_WEST_HOLLYWOOD
Step up your sushi game at Sushi Fumi on La Cienega. It's a sleeper, and some say as good, if not better than, Katsuya. Favorite dishes: Black Cod sushi, Miu Roll, Albacore Crispy Onion sushi, Sunomono Salad - cucumber is delicately julienned and is light and satisfying.
Leonor’s Vegetarian, North Hollywood @LEONORSVEGMEX
This isn’t a Mexican restaurant - although they do have satisfying burritos and other Mexican fare. It’s more of an all-around good and filling a vegetarian (and often vegan) secret spot in a strip mall in the valley. Go for the Joys Golden Nugget sandwich and an extra large flax iced tea. Everything is good, try the pizzas - they even make their vegan or vegetarian cheese to take home for use in your kitchen - and vegetarian tamales seasonally.
Luv2eat Thai Bistro, Hollywood @LUV2EAT.THAIBISTRO
Luv2eat Thai Bistro is the real deal and offers all your favorite traditional dishes and it’s delicious. All your Thai food faves. Can’t go wrong if you are in the mood for flavor and spice.
The Quiet Dumpling, Hollywood @THEQUIETDUMPLING
Quarantine calls for dumplings can't get enough.
Izakaya Full Moon, Ojai @IZAKAYA_FULLMOON_OJAI
Looking to venture out of Los Angeles for a weekend getaway? Head to Ojai and while you’re there, have a meal prepared by local favorite Izakaya Full Moon. For now, they are serving beautiful Bento boxes to go, all made with the freshest ingredients and prepared with love by some very kind people.

Deborah’s Picks

Powerplant Superfood Kitchen, Mid-Wilshire @POWERPLANTLA
A chopped salad to die for, order it with a side scoop of "tuna" salad and ginger lemonade. All vegan and Gluten-free! The owner is a huge dog person who fosters pitties and always has a good dog story.
Easy pull-up and take-out on the north side of Pico just east of Fairfax.
The Truck Stop, Culver City @THEFOODTRUCKSPOT
Located in DT Culver City is the one-stop shop for burgers, salads, breakfasts, smoothies, and some of the best-curried noodles ever. Plenty of vegan choices from the kitchen that services several food trucks. On Lindblade St. across from The Culver Studios.

Debbie’s Picks

Pura Vita Pizzeria, West Hollywood @puravitapizzeria
Sunset Thai La, West Hollywood @SUNSETTHAILA
Sunset Thai, serving the West Hollywood area since 1991 - which means it’s good… real good. Not at all greasy and always reliably yummy.
Should you find yourself in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Make your way to El Cocinero in Van Nuys. It’s vegan, it’s traditional Spanish. We love a well-hidden gem and this is one of them.
Vinh Loi Tofu, Reseda @VINHLOITOFU
Another gem in the San Fernando Valley, This Vietnamese vegetarian café offers all of the traditional Vietnamese classics and is guilt-free at that. The owner's story is charming and inspiring!
Chibiscus Asian Cafe, Hollywood @CHIBISCUS
If you find yourself craving something warm and tasty, try Chibiscus Asian Café. A Japanese ramen eatery featuring all the classics. Kimchi fried rice, spicy miso ramen, homemade curry. Offering vegan and vegetarian options as well. Something for everyone.
Pura Vita, West Hollywood @PURAVITA_LA
A vegan Italian restaurant seems like a match to be made in Los Angeles. Carbs de damned it's too damn good. Try the carbonara go on, we’ll wait. Comfort food heaven in a bowl.

Rinat’s Picks

West Hollywood, Astro Burger @astroburger_weho
A Hollywood staple. The burgers taste as if they've just come off the grill, and the fries taste like the oil was drained off them 1 minute ago because they were. The freshest tasting fast-food burger joint around, plus a very comprehensive vegetarian menu, before catering to vegetarians was even popular.
Found Oyster, Hollywood @FOUNDOYSTER
Amazing seafood restaurant that opened this year in Hollywood. Favorite dish: Ode to Swan Crudo.
Our favorite Korean fried chicken restaurant. Favorite dishes: Sal Strips (think chicken nuggets but elevated) and soy garlic wings which are next-level crispy savory wings.

Sushi restaurant that I've been going to for 25 years. Still ridiculously fresh and has very reasonable pricing. Favorite dish: Everything is good but, their spicy tuna roll is unparalleled.
Ruen Pair, Los Feliz @RUENPAIRLA
Thai Food straight from LA's Thai Town. Favorite Dish: Salty turnip. Sounds weird, but it's a shredded turnip omelette that manages to balance sweet and savory perfectly. I know, still sounds odd, but trust me, it's next-level delicious.

Kathleen’s Picks

Silverlake Ramen, Silverlake @silverlakeramen
Best Ramen & broth in all of LA! Fav’s - Shayu Ramen, Dippin’ Noddles, and The Classic-Tonkotsu!
Ostrich Farm, Echo Park @OSTRICHFARMLA
Echo Park neighborhood gem. Excellent seasonal comfort food! Current faves -  Burrata with grilled seasonal fruit, Polenta Bowl, Classic steak fritas. Amazing mixed cocktails to go!
Cosa Buona, Echo Park @COSABUONA
Best pizza ever! Favorite items:  Caesar salad, Biancverde Pizza.
Gingergrass, Silverlake @GINGERGRASS_LA
The best fresh, healthy, delicious Vietnamese food on the east side! Fav’s - Bo Bia Roll & Local Halibut Bun Noodle Bowl and all the Pho is off the charts!

Hayley’s Picks

Uncle Paulie’s, West Hollywood and DtLA @unclepauliesdeli
Imagine you’re walking the streets of New York City and you pop into your local deli and grab a sandwich. The nostalgia, right? Uncle Paulie’s Deli is that. Not the next best thing, the real thing. Classic sandwiches, deli-style. It’s easy, It’s fun and most importantly it’s fresh and delicious.
Courage Bagels, Virgil Village @COURAGE_BAGELS
Located on a bright corner in Virgil Village, this is the fix you didn’t know you were craving. Courage bagels offer Montreal-style bagels, cream cheese, and all the fixings that will without a doubt, hit the spot. Get there early because they will sell out.
Blairs, Silverlake and Eagle Rock @BLAIRS.SILVERLAKE @BLAIRS.EAGLE.ROCK
With two locations in Silverlake and Eagle Rock, Blairs offers all the hits. It is a BBQ pork burger, Eggplant parmesan but where they shine for us is the Pomodoro and pizza.
Hugo’s Restaurant, West Hollywood and Studio City @HUGOSRESTAURANTS
If you’re a local to Los Angeles you’ve undoubtedly heard of or even dined in Hugo’s once, twice maybe even more than you’d like to admit. And, if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and have a look at the menu. It’s healthy and delicious and has that home-cooked meal feeling about it.
The Juice at Water Village @THEJUICE_LA
For a quick healthy beverage / light bite on the east side. Pop into The Juice on Glendale Blvd. It’s quick, it’s fresh and while you’re there tell them I say hi!

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